Leg Exercises – Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Them!


Leg Exercises

Upper body is all rage in any gym, and leg exercises is put in the back burner. Have you walked into a gym and witness a guy with a massive upper body and stick like chicken legs? Building massive legs isn’t hard at all, but why do most body builders lack mass in their legs? The answer is simple, its because no one can be bothered working their legs because the exercises are hard and consumes a lot of energy.
Let me get this straight with you. If you do incorporate leg exercises into your training program, you will definitely see an increase in your upper body strength and size as well. So do not skip or put leg exercises in the back burner, and get those quads, hammies and calves working! Many new body builders aren’t aware of this and thus their muscle building potential is cut short.
The Quads are what makes your leg look huge! The best leg exercise for building insanely huge quads is to do the hardest exercise of them all which are squats! Front squats are one of the best leg exercises to build those quads.
One of the many advantages of the front squat, is that it removes some of the stress on the lower back and places alot of emphasis on the quads. It is truly a marvellous body building exercise.
For weight lifters the barbell is the prime choice for doing squats. However, I have seen many huge body builders who use the smith machine 90% of the time and are able to build insanely huge quads. The reason that this is the case is, it takes away the pressure of the spine, balance issues and allows the body builder to really focus on the muscles at hand. It is always good to incorporate free weight barbell squats to build those core strengths and stabilizer muscles.
Apart from the quads, you also have the hamstrings which is situated at the back of the leg. There are many leg exercises that can be incorporated to work this muscle group. Last but not least, is the calf muscle. Most body builders neglect this muscle, because they just can’t seem to fit it into their routine? Who knows but a well sculpted calf muscles can make your physique look that much better overall