Tricep Workout – Make Your Arms Appear Bigger!


Tricep Workout – Make Your Arms Appear Bigger!How do I get my arms bigger? Are the most common questions you will hear all novice body builders asking. The goal for bigger arms is a sensible one though.You may have heard this before, but I am going to repeat it again, the key to bigger arms is in the triceps. The triceps makes up around 2/3rds of your arm and is responsible for the extension of your elbow. Bigger triceps can and will aid in bigger chest, as every pushing motion is required by the triceps.

The triceps is made up of three muscles, lateral, long and medial heads. If you take a look at the anatomy of the triceps you can clearly see this.
The Lateral head is located outside of the humerus and is most responsible for the shape of the triceps, it looks like a horse shoe. The Medial Head is positioned on the midline of the body and the Long head is situated along the bottom side of the humerus and is considered the largest of the three heads.

Knowing the locations of where these heads are is integral to a proper tricep workout. If you understand how to build these three heads effectively then you can formulate a proper tricep workout resulting in massive triceps in no time.

The most common tricep workout are:

The triceps pushdown. The best way to do this exercise is to keep your back straight, chest pointing forward while pushing the pushdown bar all the way down until the arm is extended, and then lifting the arm back up to around 90 degrees and then pushing it back down again. This same technique can be used with a straight bar as well.

Inverted Tricep Pushdown is also a favourite for many. With your elbows pointed out and your palms facing down, grip the handle. When extending your arm you will use the same form as the previous routine.

Whenever you begin your routine, it is always a good idea to start off with free weights and then end with isolation using machines to really tear those muscles up and create burn.