Three Exercises For Building Massive Shoulders


Three Exercises For Building Massive ShouldersEveryone would love to have those huge ball shaped shoulders. Huge shoulders add to your overall width and are a huge surprise for people to see when you’re shirtless. There are many ways to exercise your shoulders but there are 3 specific exercises that train them better then the rest.

Military Press– In its most basic form the military press requires you to lift a barbell over your head. This motion primarily works the frontal deltoids but it does work all the parts of the shoulder. This is the most effective shoulder exercise and should be in all your routines.

Side Lateral Raises- Simply put this exercise requires you to put dumbbells at your side and lift them up while your palms and facing downward. This works the lateral deltoids heavily. The lateral deltoids is responsible for giving people that broad shoulders look. This is the number one exercise for working the lateral deltoids therefore I would keep it in all my routines.

Seated Dumbbell Press- This is similar to the military press except it uses dumbbells rather then a barbell. The seated dumbbell press also puts an even amount of work on the lateral and frontal deltoids while the military press puts more on the frontal deltoids alone. This exercise also works out your stabilizer muscles as an added bonus. I recommend you do this exercise occasionally and implement it in most of your routines.

These three exercises alone are enough for a great shoulder workout. Over time these will give you some massive looking shoulders.


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