How to Gain Weight Fast – Most Effective Workouts to Gain Muscle


How to Gain Weight Fast - Most Effective Workouts to Gain MuscleIf you are looking for how to gain weight fast you need to stick with these workouts to gain muscle. There are hundreds of possible exercises you can do for each body part but these are the ones you should be doing if you are looking for a quality weight gaining program. For maximum results do not work the same muscles two days in a row and try to use the heaviest weight you can safely do 8-10 reps with.  Now let’s begin!

Chest – The most effective workouts to gain muscles and firm your chest are the bench press and the flat dumbbell chest press. These will stress your pecks and encourage some growth but most importantly tone in this area.

Back – To firm up and add tone to your back muscles you need to utilize the bent over barbell rows and close grip chin ups. Again, while we do want some growth here, we also want to ensure nice tone.

Shoulders – For the shoulders and traps you should spend your time doing the seated dumbbell shoulder press and standing military press.

Triceps – Triceps can be a bit of a pain to work out, so the best two you should focus on are dips and tricep press downs.

Biceps – To maximize growth in your biceps you need to work on standing barbell curls and inclined bicep curls. We want maximum growth here.

Quads – Many exercises target the quads, but the best two are squats and lunges.

Calves – Standing calf raises are one of the few good workouts to increase the strength of your calves.

Abs – To gain that six pack you are after focus on weighted ball sit-ups and weighted cable crunches.

So if you were wondering how to gain weight fast – these are the exercises you need to focus on to encourage growth in the muscles. By doing the proper workouts to gain muscle you’ll not only gain weight you’ll gain strength and most importantly feel better about yourself.

Of course doing these workouts to gain muscle isn’t the only thing you’ll have to do. You’ll need to have the proper nutrition, stretching and avoid the big mistakes everyone makes!


  1. Hi..I injured my wrist during training and it’s now a month n a half but I still experience some pain..what’s the best way to go bout it?

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