Building a Strong Back Is Not Complicated


Building a Strong Back Is Not ComplicatedA strong back is foundational to healthy living. The good news is that building a strong back is not complicated – actually, it’s rather simple. In this article, I want to share with you a basic, yet complete back exercise program for working your entire back.

First though, let’s understand your back’s basic functions. To my pedestrian mind, your back does 3 things:

It keeps you upright and head up – in conjunction with your shoulders, hips, glutes, and hamstrings.

It pulls your elbows back – in all planes

It protects your ribcage – and obviously your backbone


While these are rudimentary statements on the back’s function, it does capture the overall gist of what your back must do. It must keep you upright and protect your vital organs and ribcage. It allows you to pull back, pull down, pull up, and pick up. When climbing a tree to escape a bear or a rocky face from a sabre-tooth tiger; it is your back that gets the job done.



Okay, so maybe the sabre-tooth tiger is not such a big worry of late.

This simple, yet hard routine will increase your strength – if you need it – to get up that tree or close that window for your significant other. It will protect your vitals by building a dense layer of muscle around your spinal cord and ribcage.

The Routine:

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