Build Your Shoulder Muscles With These Three Effective Workouts


Build Your Shoulder Muscles With These Three Effective WorkoutsIf you would like to know how to build shoulder muscles, the first thing that you need to know is that your shoulders is considered as a “ball and socket” joint; that is just the same with your hips. Perhaps the only difference is that your shoulders are more sensitive than your hips, and are therefore prone to risks. Training with the right form and in a multi-directional environment will decrease the risk so make sure to train smart and use these training exercises in order for your muscles to really grow.

Trapezoid Training

The trapezoid, also being referred as trapezius, are large muscles that extend from the back of your neck going to the right and in the middle portion of your back. The trapeziod work along with your arms, shoulders, and your back and moves the shoulder blades when you perform shrugging, pushing forward, and throwing. The trapezoids are best trained through shrugging because doing this will cause more bulk in the muscles on your shoulder area.

The common mistake that most people often do when it comes to shrugging is when they circle their shoulders, because this is actually no longer necessary. The right thing is to simply shrug your shoulder as much as you can, while doing some pause for a few seconds and letting the shoulder girdle to fall slowly at the same time. There is a more intense type of shrugging and that is the overhead shrugging, which involves holding a barbell overhead and then lifting the entire shoulder girdle, slowly bringing the shoulders towards the ear area.

Deltoid Training

Deltoid training exercise is another type of exercise for building the shoulder muscles. The deltoid muscle works by raising the arm away from your body and does this both in the front, as well as on the side and back area. The deltoid is a striated muscle, one that wraps around the shoulder joint going to the front, as well as on the side and back area.

Most people make the mistake of performing shoulder presses behind the neck to perform deltoid training. This is not the proper way of how to build shoulder muscles, for doing this will pose a lot of risk. The right method is to perform shoulder presses either when standing or sitting.

Superset Shoulder Exercises

In order to be more successful with building your shoulder muscles, try to perform heavy barbell shoulder presses and superset it with a light dumbbell shoulder press. Another superset is by completing ten set of front, side and back raise exercise without any pause. Doing clean and press is already a superset, for as long as you make sure that you shrug when performing clean and press so as to make use of the delts when you are lifting the bar overhead.

It’s unfortunate that we can no longer do something to change the structure of the bones on our shoulder. Learning how to build shoulder muscles is the only practical way to achieve an increased muscle mass on your shoulders. Also, keep in mind that performing these shoulder muscle training exercises is not enough, you should also watch your diet by eating healthily.