Fastest Six Pack Abs Exercise Routines


Fastest Six Pack Abs Exercise RoutinesHate going to the gym? These are exactly for you. Looking for the fastest six pack abs exercise routines?

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder by profession to have six pack abs; in fact, anyone who wants to look better and live healthier should exercise often and eat the right kind of food. If you do not have access to a gym or perhaps your very own gym equipment at home, you shouldn’t worry-there are alternatives which are sometimes better than going to the gym. Below are three of the fastest six pack abs exercises routines. Unlike other exercise routines, they are very simple and geared toward people who do not have gym equipment to use. By making use of a bicycle, the floor, and other tools found inside the house you can build a firm six pack starting today.

Time demands: Despite being labeled as the fastest six pack abs exercises routines, it is important to invest time and effort to meet the 2-week exercise duration.

1. The Plank Exercise

The plank exercise is geared towards flattening your stomach and developing the abdominal muscles around it. For this routine, all you have to do is to lie on your stomach on the bed or on a flat surface, preferably the floor. Start off by putting your palms firmly on the floor, and lift yourself up slowly, just as you would when doing push-ups. Stay elevated and maintain this position for 3 to 5 minutes or until your wrists give in.

2. Crunches

Crunches can be pretty painful when not done properly. The kind of crunches which you should integrate into your daily workout is different so as not to endanger your muscles. For this kind of crunching exercises, you need to lie flat on your back and lift your legs to a right angle. Now keep them crossed and closed to your ankles. Next position is to put your hands behind your head and do the isometric vacuum pose-this is simply holding your stomach in. Once you have done this, start lifting your shoulders towards your knees.

3. Bicycle Workout

Bicycle workouts have been considered as the fastest six pack abs exercise routines because they are easy to do and results show almost instantly. This is very easy to execute as well: simply lie on your back and pretend you are pedaling while lying down. While doing this, make sure your elbows meet the knees.