7 Ways to Burn More Fat With Bodyweight Training


7 Ways to Burn More Fat With Bodyweight Training

Just came back from an intense workout with my buddies – Dom and D-Raj. We do our own thing. I love reading eBooks, watching training videos, and just combining a whole bunch of stuff into my own thing.

I truly believe that education is important. If you want to be a better fighter, you find yourself a trainer or get some equipment to help you out. If you want to be a better writer, maybe purchasing some writing books will help you out.

So that’s my goal. To teach you guys what I learn from experience, reading, and observing. Lets start with 7 simple principles to help you burn more fat with bodyweight training.

Here is what you need to know:

Create a “Metabolic Disturbance” in your body so that your body has to work REALLY hard to return bac

  1. k to normal. Your body actually burns calories while you try to regain your breath, replenish your energy supplies, and try to go about your normal day after such an intense bout of exercise.
  2. Combining a variety of training methods – bodyweight training, interval cardio, medicine ball training, sandbag training, barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands – into high intensity supersets, trisets, and circuit training is what will give you that “Metabolic Disturbance.”
  3. High Intensity, Low Volume programs will help you kick start your fat loss program since your body will THANK YOU for stopping all that endless, boring cardio, and literally REWARD you by stripping away the fat. This is what has helped me drop fat and keep it off.
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