5 Singing Posture Exercises


5 Singing Posture Exercises

Singing requires immense control on your breathing and posture and if either of them is inadequate; it seriously affects your singing capabilities. The posture to sing in front of an audience needs to be perfect in order to perform confidently and flawlessly, if your posture is wrong, your song or performance will be affected in a detrimental fashion. So given below are five singing posture exercises that need to be practiced in conjunction with regular breathing exercises. Once you have mastered both these techniques, you can sing freely with confidence as the above will become second nature to you.

1. Stand with your back against the wall and you feet 2 inches away from it. Push the small of your back against the wall and keep your head level. Tuck your buttock in; your chest should come up now with your shoulders moving back, this is the right alignment for singing.

Remember if your posture is slouchy or too rigid, your diaphragm gets locked and the correct breath required to sing will be prevented from being taken in or exhaled.

2. When performing your breathing exercises, place one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen, while inhaling and exhaling your chest should remain steady, if you inhale and feel your chest rise, this means you are creating tension in your chest and neck, hindering your performance. On the other hand, while inhaling and exhaling you should feel your abdomen expand and go back in; this is the right posture for singing.

3. Stand up and slump over, release your neck so that your back can stay pliable for breathing. Notice that when you inhale, your lower abs will come out and your lower back opens. Try to let your ribs close in slowly as you exhale instead of collapsing immediately.

4. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with one foot slightly in front of the other. Lean back slightly on your back foot as if you were pulling on a rope, remember not be stiff but firmly grounded. Then sing a scale on ‘dah’ and feel the difference it creates in your voice, you will feel it coming out larger and more intense and urgent. Learn this technique and then practice it without all the postures.

5. Place a large book of medium weight on top of your head with your chin level, eyes ahead and neck and shoulders relaxed, move your head from left to centre and then right to centre, if your movements are fluid and posture level, the book will not fall. Practice till you perfect it. Also, Place the book at the top centre of your head and walk up and down the corridor, the book shouldn’t fall. This helps in gaining the ideal posture for singing as well as day-to-day life.