Basic Exercises For Six Pack Abs – Getting the Fat Out of the Way


Everybody agrees that well shaped abs are attractive to both male and female. Nobody will also deny that exercises are needed to attain this. But doing abs exercises without getting the layers of fat from them is a sheer waste of time. This is because good abs that are covered with fat are invisible to those you are looking to impress or even yourself, therefore useless since nobody will see it. It is imperative then to get the fat out of the way first. In this article we shall discuss various steps to take and exercises to do in order to lose abs fat.

(1.) Eating Habits That Burn Fat.

(a) BREAKFAST: Most people skip breakfast because “they want to lose weight”, or “burn that fat”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Rather than making you burn fat, avoiding breakfast can, in the long run, make you add more fat. The simple reason is that when you skip breakfast, you in the long run compensate by eating a heavier lunch as a result of the half day fasting your body has just gone through.

Fruits like apples, bananas, yogurts with water will keep your appetite in check. There is no excuse for not having time since in every corner there are breakfast kiosks that sell packs you can take to work and quickly chew before you start work. The conclusion? Breakfast aids fat lose and consequently helps the abs.

(b) DINNER: Just as important as breakfast, eating dinner comes second in losing fat. But dinner should be kept small. This is because bodily movements are limited after dinner, as a result it complicates and reduces metabolism. If you have the habit of eating a big dinner, how about eating some fresh fruits couple of hours before,this makes you eat a lighter meal at dinner time.

( c ) EATING IN-BETWEEN: The notion that eating between meals adds to fat is erroneous. If you take little snacks like nuts, it will keep your metabolism in motion and keep your energy up. Because it speeds up your metabolism, it as well burns calories which in the end helps you lose weight.

(d) WATER: To lose fat in the abs drinking lots of water is essential. This is because first, half of our body is composed of water. Digestion and metabolism depend on fluids. So what happens is that when there is not enough liquid in the body, the food intake dries up in the body. The result is one might feel hungry, even though he/she might have just eaten. That is why dieticians advise taking equivalent of half of your weight. For example a 75Ibs of body weight requires 1.1 liters of water!


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