8 Reasons Your Biceps Are Still Flat And Loose


Women tend to get attracted to men who are muscular particularly with arms that look strong. While some men who are exercise freaks workout regularly and achieve the required shape successfully, there are others who do not get the desired results despite going to the gym and working out regularly. Such men do not really understand the reason for not getting strong arms and bulged biceps despite doing everything right in the suggested manner. We list here the 8 blunders that every man makes in the initial stages of work outs. Make use of these tips and build your biceps making them attractive.

Check your protein consumption

Protien plays a crucial role in building up muscles. If you are working out your muscles regularly and still feel they are not getting groomed, probably it is time to check your protein intake. Measure your height in a measuring scale in centimeters and subtract 100 from it. The result you see is what you need to actually weigh. For instance, if your height was 167 centimeters and you subtract 100 from it, 67 is the number you will get which is the typical weight you must be for your height. Check if you are overweight or underweight. Reaching this weight must be your foremost objective.

Overworking the biceps

Check if your biceps are probably getting overworked. Muscles in our body undergo wear and tear every time we do something that works them out. Be it doing our day to day chores or working out specific muscles in a gym, muscles need to be given time to buck up for the wear and tear that has happened. It takes a minimum of 36 to 48 hours for the muscles to reach their normal health. In this gap ensure you eat food items that are high in protein. This will help the muscles to recover quickly, in fact, stronger than earlier. This concept of muscles getting stronger than earlier is referred to as Super compensation. Since the hands are smaller in size than legs, the time taken by these muscles to super compensate may be longer.

Attend to your legs

One common mistake that every person who wants to strengthen his biceps do is to focus on working out the Biceps without working out the legs. Remember looking proportional top to bottom is important. Working out the legs muscles boosts a hormone named Testosterone which enhances all body growth. This, in turn, acts as a blessing in disguise to the biceps muscles also. Ensure you include exercises that are capable of increasing the anabolic hormone production. Some such exercises are Deadlifts, lunges, and Squats.

Focussing on easy movements

Check if you have not attempted difficult exercises if you have been working out for a long time but is not satisfied with the results pertaining to biceps, Probably you have been doing exercises that are simple in nature without giving that extra pressure to achieve what you desire Remember, reverse grip barbell rows helps you get those power packed Biceps. Weighted dips, overhead press and Close grip bench presses help you get your desired Triceps.

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