Top 8 Triceps Movements For Mass


Top 8 Triceps Movements For MassAre you happy with your triceps development? Of course not. That’s a silly question. No bodybuilder is ever completely happy with his arm development. Even the great Phil Heath and Ronnie Coleman, owners of the four best arms in the history of bodybuilding, still train their arms regularly and are never satisfied with them. After checking out the routines of the pros, we narrowed it down to eight primary triceps movements that were most popular for mass. Let’s check them out!

Close-grip bench press

Complete them after your regular benching on chest day as a transition to your triceps training.


These are probably the best overall movement for adding mass. Wear gloves and use a spotter for safety. Go heavy, but ensure you can always control the weight.

Overhead extensions with a heavy dumbbell

Be sure to adequately warm up, as these can lead to injury if heavy weight is used on a cold arm.

Seated extensions with an EZ-curl bar

These are comparable to skullcrushers, albeit a bit safer. Move through this exercise slowly and always control the weight carefully.

Dumbbell kickbacks

This movement catches a bad rap, as it’s often associated with spandex bunnies using pink 5-pound dumbbells. Completed with a 35 or 45 pound dumbbell, it’s very effective.

Cable pressdowns

Done with a lot of weight, these can lead to a lot of growth. Keep your form tight the entire set, and flirt with higher repetitions if you’re feeling strong.

Cable pressdowns behind head

These allow for a much greater range of motion than the standard pressdowns, and can leave you sore for days!

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