How to Get Big Arms Fast – 4 Exercises to Get Huge Arms


How to Get Big Arms Fast - 4 Exercises to Get Huge ArmsEvery guy seems to want to learn the secrets on how to build big arms. I have to tell you that it is basically the same as building any other body part. Every muscle in your body pretty much grows under the same principals.

Let’s talk about how to build muscle:

Muscle naturally grows very slowly- unless you are using something to chemically alter the process, like steroids. But lets stick to the natural muscle growth discussion for now.

Muscles are made to to work. You gain muscle by making it work harder. That means you have to blitz system muscle fibers every time you workout. We are all genetically predetermined as to how many fibers we have in each muscle. They don’t split on a cellular level like fat cells do. So the only way to build size in a muscle is to make the fibers bigger.

Muscle fiber building comes from progressive and increasing load on that muscle. Thus, to build bigger arms, you need to overload your arm biceps and the triceps muscles. These are of course in your upper arm- which is the focus of this article. Your forearm really gets a lot of training when doing the other exercises so I don’t tend to focus on specific exercises for it.

4 exercises to build big arms:

To build rock hard arms, the best weight training exercises are inclined fully supinated dumbbell curls and cable preacher curls for the biceps and then french curls and triceps cable push-downs for the triceps muscles.

Bigger Biceps

Let’s talk about how to do the two biceps exercises mentioned above.

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