The Top 3 Core Strength Training Exercise Techniques


The Top 3 Core Strength Training Exercise TechniquesIf you are sports minded and intend to start muscle building, you will probably be confused as to which of the many available programs around you will you choose. You might want to consider core strength training as an option. Many coaches and athletes can vouch for this effective training program for athletes. The program devotes itself to all muscle groups stabilizing the pelvis and the spine. These muscles are vital in carrying energy from large to small body parts involved in sports activities. The muscles built in a core strength training are the abdominals, hip musculator and spine musculator.

The benefits that core programs offered to athletes includes efficiency improvement, better posture, improved their balance and stability, decreased the danger of injury especially in the core muscles that acts as a shock absorber from rebounds and jumps, and raises power output of the peripheral muscles of legs, arms and shoulders and the core musculator.

The abdominal, hip and spine musculators are important for an athlete. Even for non-athletes, this program can help reduce back ache problems and neck rehabilitation. Here are the 3 best core strength training exercises:

1. Bicycle Crunch. This is the best of all the abdominal exercises. It is most effective for your rectus abdominus and the obliques. It is 280% to 290% better than the traditional crunch. An additional benefit is that it is performed without using any expensive equipment.

2. Hanging Knee Raises or Captain’s Chair Exercise. You have to assume a hanging position with your legs off the ground. Standard gym equipment called the power tower or knee raise machine or knee raise station or Captain’s chair is where you will hang yourself. This form of exercise is 212% better than the traditional crunch used for rectus abdominus and 310% better than obliques s traditional crunch.

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