2 Simple Exercises to Boost Neck Strength


2 Simple Exercises to Boost Neck StrengthWhether you’re training for a particular sport, or merely for the purpose of getting a stronger, bigger neck, the fact remains that it’s much better to have a strong neck than a weak one – not just for the superior appearance but for safety reasons for life in general. Gaining neck strength and size is actually quite straightforward as the neck muscles can be targeted quite accurately, unlike many muscles.

Rather than give you advanced neck training methods the beginner may find themselves out of their depth with, I have 2 basic exercises to share with you to help you build up some good strength.

Rear of the neck plate raises:Rear of the neck plate raises

Firstly, the rear of the neck is actually the trapezius, and is the strongest part of the neck responsible for pulling the head backwards. You work this part of the neck like so:

Lay down on your stomach on a flat bench, with your neck overhanging the end of the bench. Have a training partner hand you a weight plate (I recommend you try a small plate first) which you will hold on the back of your head with both hands.

Carefully, lower your head almost as you are attempting to touch your chin onto your chest and then raise up as far back as possible whilst holding the plate in place.

Repeat for desired repetitions.

Side of the neck plate raises:Side of the neck plate raises

These muscles are the sternocleidomastoid muscles and serve to move the head forwards and rotate the head and are situated at the sides of the neck, giving it width.

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