Top 10 Tips to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle


Top 10 Tips to Lose Fat and Gain MuscleThe first step to any weight loss and muscle building is by doing some research and finding real methods that do work on helping you shave off those pounds and replace them with some additional muscle.

So what is the best way to lose fat and gain muscle? Well it depends on how far you willing to take your new fitness venture and what lengths you are willing to go. Bottom line is, exercise and healthy diet is key in losing those pounds and creating that flirty/strong body. Problems then start to occur, is when you start a you start your routine but after a few days or weeks you seem to loose focus and fail to keep eating healthy and exercising.

So how do you keep to a routine? Well, as you are reading this article, in fact at the moment you are burning energy, not a lot, but there is some sort of exercise. In your every day life you are burning energy, whether is walking to the bathroom, sitting on your chair or fetching something from the printer.

Everything you do burns some amount of energy. So now how does one use your every day life duties help assist in losing weight and building muscle?

Firstly, find out what you do a lot with your body in your daily life, and try make a it a little but more challenging. By this I mean, I am a computer developer, and most of my day I sit and type code to produce websites and applications.

So my hands and arms in use the most. So sit with additional weights on my arms to make it more challenging, and by end of the day, there is a huge difference with my arms.

Food wise, its tough follow a strict diet, so how can one conquer a bad food habit. The answer is simple, replace bad food habits with good tasty habits. Nuts are a great source of energy and just a little can fill you up a lot. Also the best way to learn to eat something that is not that tasty but is high in nutrition and low fat, eat it when you are extremely hungry. I never use to eat avocados because of their strange taste, but after a long day and not having anything to eat, eating that avocado as a food relief was life changing and extremely tasty!

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