A Strategic Lower Abs Workout For Enjoying 8 Pack Abs


A Strategic Lower Abs Workout For Enjoying 8 Pack AbsThe difference between mediocre abs and awesome abs lies in the the lower abs workout that is utilized. Everyone is looking for 6 pack abs as part of a healthy and trim physique. But 8 pack abs are what set you apart from the rest of the pack. Here is how you can get those 8 pack abs.

Leg raises are an important part of developing amazing abs.

Nothing else will help you create those great abs like leg raises will. Crunches simply don’t cut it. Many people forget about including these exercises, but they really a necessary part of any ab workout. Leg raises are simply a part of any high quality, high results lower abs workout. They will give you the fantastic contractions that you need to get that highly defined abdomen.

Ever stopped to look at what goes on in a prison yard?

While I have never visited a prison yard myself, I have found that convicts typically have the best physiques. Author Paul Wade wrote the book “Convict Conditioning” and in it he explains that men who are in prison and do not have easy access to weight equipment use hanging leg raises as their primary ab exercise. When men are hanging with their leg straight and are able to do 4 to 5 sets of 15-20 hanging leg raises, they will usually have amazing abs as their reward.

Mastering hanging leg raises are a vital part of your ab workout.

Not only are these ideal for a lower abs workout, but they will also help you strengthen the entire abdominal area. Hanging from the bar will help you create the detail in your muscles that you need. However, you should begin slowly and then work your way up to hanging leg raises. Be sure to master one exercise before you begin moving on to the next one. It only requires 4 to 5 sets done 2 times a week to help you turn your abs into lean, attractive muscles.

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