The Most Effective Shoulder Exercise


Due to being a hard gainer, I only train using compound / multi-joint exercises. Additionally, I only train 3 days a week, allowing plenty of time for recovery. When performing the shoulder press, I use both the dumbbell and barbell.

When lifting the weight, pressing straight over head, I will sit in either a chair with a strong back, or a bench with a back support. When pressing the weight over head, I’ll look up toward the ceiling. I find this to be easier on my neck – less chance of an injury.

This is truly a wonderful exercise. If you’re looking to add mass to your shoulder area, including the neck area, then I can’t recommend the shoulder press enough. This particular exercise, along with the dead lift, pull-up, and dip, I’ve managed to add 30 pounds of muscle to my “hard gainer” body frame.

Good luck! Have fun! Be safe!
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