The 8 Best Pushups Variations for Strengthen Body


The 8 Best Pushups Variations for Strengthen BodyIt’s the ultimate upper-body exercise: It strengthens your chest, shoulders, arms and abs — and it can even improve your shoulder health. It’s the ultimate body-weight exercise because it offers so many variations that actually strengthen your entirebody.

Ready for a great leg or back workout with the old-fashioned pushup? These 8  best pushups variations will give you an amazing body-weight workout from head to toe.                                                                                


Pushups are amazing, but too many pushups and not enough back exercises can cause problems like muscle imbalances, postural issues and shoulder pain.

Prevent it with the ultimate two-for-one: The renegade row. This move combines chest and a back exercise for an upper-body crusher.                                                                


If you’ve taken a bootcamp class, you know the mountain climber is a great cardio exercise and a leg-killer. Make it a total-body move by doing a pushup in between — you’ll boost both your lower-body and upper-body endurance at the same time.




It’s hard to mimic overhead pushes with just your body weight (unless you can do handstand pushups). That’s where the pike pushup comes in: In the “pike position” — with your hips as high you can — push yourself down and up. Now, you can target your deltoids and traps far better than a regular pushup.                                                                     


Pushups already target your core, but one quick tweak will take it to the next level. As you descend, bring one knee toward that elbow on the same side (which looks like Spider-Man climbing a building). Return your leg as you push and alternate sides. You’ll strengthen not only your six-pack muscles but also your obliques for a complete core workout.                                                                  


Using a suspension trainer can unlock a lot of different angles and intensities with a regular pushup. For example, putting your feet into the straps will automatically create instability and force your muscles to work much harder.

From there, blast your abs and legs simultaneously by pulling your knees to your chest between every pushup. Good luck.                                                                                

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