The Best Upper Body Muscle Building Exercises


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-Upper Body Muscle Building – Arms:

The first exercise for arm upper body muscle building will be for your biceps. It is the incline dumbbell curls. Sit on an incline bench and with your elbows firm and back, curl your biceps in a slow movement and return to the starting position.

You can also make use of the pull up bar for your biceps upper body muscle building. Grab the bar and pull yourself up in a slow motion and return.

The following upper body muscle building exercise for your triceps is a great muscle builder. Lie on a bench and take a close grip on the bar and perform the same motion as with the bench press for your chest workout.

You can also use the dip bar for the triceps upper body muscle building.

As you have probably found out by now, there are tons of ways of working on exercises for upper body muscle building. The above mentioned are just some that a lot of bodybuilders prefer because of their effectiveness.

If you just include a couple of the exercises mentioned in this article, you will soon start to see results that are worth showing off for.

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