Best Cardio Workouts to Lose Chest Fat !


If you want to lose chest fat you need to exercise in the most effective way. A lot depends on which cardiovascular workouts you choose to do. Some just help you to lose more fat faster.

So, which cardio workouts are the best to burn chest fat?

The cardio workouts you need to look for are the most intensive ones because they’re the ones which burn the most body fat in general and chest fat as well.

Here are the chest fat burning workouts I recommend:

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1. Running

My personal favorite. This workout can help you to lose a lot of chest fat because not only it’s is intensive as a cardiovascular workout it also incorporates your entire upper body in the motion and so also stimulates the muscles along with the fat burning.

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2. Jumping rope

This is probably the best home cardio workout. In just 5 minutes you can burn a ton of calories and get rid of a lot of chest fat. Jumping rope also works the upper body and legs which gives you a full body workout.

3. Rowing

While rowing really works the back muscles and not the chest, it is a high intensity cardio workout and so can help in the fat burning process. I love rowing myself. Put on a lot of resistance to increase the calorie burn rate.

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