The Biggest Mistakes Guys Make When Training Shoulders


Without a doubt, one of the most sought-after asset for most bodybuilders is an impressive set of boulder shoulders. These will help you fill out your polos and look like a beast in sleeveless shirts. They also have a lot of functional benefits such as stronger benching strength. Shoulder exercises such as lateral raises and front raises are some of the most popular movements out there. Unfortunately, however, when it comes to building shoulders most guys are just going about it the wrong way.

The shoulders are in many ways a unique muscle – they are used to taking a lot of punishment and as a result need to be trained strategically. If you are someone who had struggled to make their shoulders bigger, or if you are a noob who wants to avoid the common mistakes, then this article is for you. Check out the list below for the most common mistakes guys make when training shoulders.

1 – Too Many Front (Anterior) Deltoid Exercises

Most guys will take pride in their chest day. They do various types of bench press, shoulder press, push-ups, dips, etc. Then comes shoulder time and they spend at least half the time training their front deltoids. The truth is that this is simply unnecessary. Your front deltoids already get a ton of work on chest day from all those pressing movements. Instead of emphasizing front raises and other exercises that focus on the front delts, try emphasizing the side and rear deltoids. This will avoid overtraining the front deltoids and give you more of an opportunity to round out your shoulders.

2 – Not Enough Focus on the Side (Medial) Deltoids

If you want that wide shoulder look – stop training front delts and start spending more time on the side delts! Stop adding in a couple sets of lateral raises as an afterthought. Instead, perform them earlier in the workout and do a variety of exercises that hit them such as one arm raises with dumbbell or cables. Feel free to work in any other pieces of equipment you have at your gym that work them.

3 – Keeping Things Too Vanila

Your shoulders are used to training in the typical 8-12 rep range with exercises like bench press and rows. In order to really hit those deltoids, start using supersets, giant sets and even drop sets in order to up the intensity level.

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