Get The Ultimate 6 Pack with This Workout


Get The Ultimate 6 Pack with This WorkoutCrush Your Core and Shock your body into growing a well defined 6 pack by increasing the tension on your abs with this five-move workout.

To force your abs into becoming more defined you need to make them work harder for longer, so that you fatigue as many muscle fibers as possible. That’s because it’s the accumulated damage from a testing session that will instruct your body to grow back your abs muscles bigger, stronger and more defined.

This five-move session does just that by placing lots of tension on your entire core, so it never has the chance to switch off during a rep. Follow the workout guide carefully, focusing on keeping your core tight and engaged from the beginning of the first set to the end of the last.


This superset works your core and lower abs especially hard as you move your legs upwards, downwards, left and right. Keep each rep quite fast but always controlled so it’s your muscles that do the work, not just your legs swinging back and forth.

1A Hanging knee raise

Sets 4 Reps 15 Rest 30sec

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