Top 6 No-Crunch Exercises For 6-Pack Abs !


Did you know that you can train and define your abs with more than just the typical crunches and sit ups? These exercises will show you how you can incorporate different methods to add mass and definition, in not only your core, but your back, biceps and also the improvement of posture.

This combination of using small movements and recognised items that can be found in the gym, or at home, will benefit your overall goals and outlook on how a core can be fun to train.

Try these 6 different exercises and really feel the affects on your body!

1. Leg Raises

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If you have a pull-up bar, dip station, or vertical knee raise station, you can work your abs with knee or leg raises. Alternately, you can practice a different sort of leg raises by lying on the ground on your back with something sturdy to support you. Grab your support above your head, then lift your legs straight up into the air and lower them, keeping your abs tight.

2.Ab Wheel Roll-outs

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Ab wheel roll-outs are a great addition to your no-crunch ab workout, especially if you’re trying to strengthen your back at the same time. Kneel on the ground and hold the ab wheel in your hands. Place it on the ground directly under your shoulders. Tighten your core, then roll forward until your core feels like you might lose tension. Before your form breaks, stop and roll yourself back up.

3.Cable Exercises

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Still want more no-crunch exercises for six-pack abs? Well, the next group of abdominal exercises are incredibly versatile. You’ve probably seen cable machines at your local gym, but you may not know all of the ways that you can use them to do exercises for abs and back strengthening.

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