The 6 Best Fat Burning Exercises Ever


If you think that the only way to do some powerful and effective fat burning workout is possible only in those expensive gyms, you couldn’t be more wrong. There is no need to head for any gym or make use of chunky piece of cardio equipment to do those boring aerobic training so as to lose weight. The truth is that most of have little time or money to make efforts to go to a gym. Why not you look for some workouts and training options can do at home? Now you can do some effective exercises at home only and with a variety to cut out the monotony.

Here’s the workout made of 6 fat burning exercises.

                                                                                    Bodyweight squat

Stand with feet slightly apart and stabilize your spine while keeping your chest lifted. Shift the weight back into your heels. Bend your hips and knees simultaneously and lower your hips, and keep the abdominal muscles engaged. Maintain the position of your back, chest and head and the heels should be flat on the floor.


Lie on the ground on your stomach and place both of your hands, palms facing down, in front of your shoulders while keeping your legs and feet close to each other. Keeping the whole body in a stiff position, push your body away from the ground with your hands while keeping your shoulders in. Reach the highest height and return back, without your torso with the ground. Repeat for repetitions.

You can do the squat and pushup back to back and to increase the difficulty of the workout. If you are a beginner, stick to bodyweight squats.

                                                                                                      Split squat

Place one leg out by a comfortable length. While balancing the weight on both feet, squat down till the knee of the leg, which is behind and is nearly touching the ground. Maintain this stance for some time and then repeat the exercise by alternating your legs.

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