Back Workout: 5 Tips For A Strong Back


After a few sets of heavy deadlifts your lower back will be tired, let it rest before doing any bent over rowing movements by doing your next exercise seated. The lat pull down is the back exercise that most people will recognise. It works your upper, outer back and helps you get that V-shape you’ve always wanted.

The key to this exercise is to lock yourself into position with the leg pads & point your chest up as you pull the bar down towards your upper chest. This will ensure you pull with your back and not just your arms.


#4. Strike Balance

Next, make sure that you strike a balance in the exercises you choose. You’ll want to be sure that you include as many horizontal pulling exercises as you do vertical pulling exercises in your routine.

If all you do is go in and perform five sets of bent over rows, single arm rows, and cable rows, you’ll be creating a severe muscular imbalance in no time. Balance out your pull-downs/pull-ups with your rows for better results.

#5. Check Your Grip Pattern

The first thing to check out is what sort of grip pattern you’re using for these workouts. Remember, the wider the grip you use for exercises such as lateral pull-downs, pull-ups, as well as bent over barbell rows, the more lat activation you are going to evoke.

The alternative, the closer the grip, the more mid-back and bicep activation you’ll receive. Determine which is your weak spot and then adjust your grip accordingly. A slight shift in your hand position can make a world of difference.

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