Testosterone-Boosting Training Program for Muscular Physique

  • targeting large muscle groups
  • lifting heavy weights
  • using short rest periods

Write those down because you’re going to need them until the very end of your bodybuilding journey. These key factors were proposed and established by the world-class exercise expert Todd Schroeder, Ph.D. He has been thoroughly investigating the link between resistance training and testosterone production for more than a decade. By simply implementing these three factors into your training program, you can bring your game to a whole new level and reap the countless benefits of a naturally enhanced testosterone production. Which range from improved ability to build muscle mass and higher energy levels to increased libido and sexual performance.

In short, your ideal workout should focus on multi-joint, compound exercises instead of isolation moves using heavy weight and a low volume, and allow only super-short periods of rest between sets. Remember, to cause a massive testosterone surge you need to maximally stress your body. When it comes to training for pro-level gains, you need to put your 100% into every training session. In other words, go heavy or go home.

The instructions

This type of training is only for the most dedicated guys out there who are willing to stick through a few months of intensity and pain in order to make stellar gains. There are some things you can do to optimize your results while minimizing the exhaustion:

1. Pick three compound exercises

The combination should ensure that the largest muscles in your entire body get adequately targeted. So aim to involve an upper body pull, upper body push and a lower body multi-joint move. Performing more than that will result with a too long workout and could potentially damage your gains.

2. Perform six straight sets of each exercise

For the first set, choose a weight that you can lift for 8-9 reps – as close to a 9RM as possible. Then, do your best to get a minimum of 6 reps on each subsequent set (if you’re able to get 8-9 on the next five sets, though, the weight is too light). Once you drop to 5 reps (given that you gave your maximum!), decrease the load slightly and continue. Make sure you don’t miss a single rep and do your best to keep the load as high as possible for as long as possible.

3. Allow yourself one minute of rest between sets of an exercise and five minutes of rest between different exercises

It will be tough but make sure to strictly follow this resting pattern. The full five minutes between exercises will provide some relief for your central nervous system and help you catch your breath before moving on to the next movement.

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