10 Dangerous Ingredients in Supplements You Should Really Avoid


We all consume supplements, we are all in search of the perfect supplement. However, I’ve always been telling you guys, don’t just dive into any supplement and consume. First of all you should see if they are good quality, if they are what you really need, and mostly if they don’t have many unknown unhealthy ingredients.

Evidence has been mounting in recent years about the endless amount of dangerous ingredients in dietary and fitness supplements. In this article I present you a list of 10 of these compounds that can have a harmful effect on your health. The risks that are involved are multiple organ damage, cardiac arrest and cancer development. How severe these risks could be, is largely dependent on variables like any pre-existing illnesses, how much of the ingredient was taken as well as how long one has been consuming the compound.

Many of the compounds listed in this article have also been proven to have the potential for negative interactions with over-the-counter and prescription drugs, like statins for lowering cholesterol levels or blood-thinning medications such as warfarin (generic and Coumadin) and aspirin.

What’s more, nutritionists have come to the conclusion that neither one of these ingredients provide enough benefits to your health to be able to justify any of the risks. Despite all of this, you can easily find all of 10 compounds in products readily available online and in big supermarkets and stores, and that’s just wrong!

Here’s the list:

1. Aconite, which is also known as aconitum, radix aconite, aconite tuber, angustifolium, monkshood, wolfsbane. It claims to decrease inflammation, pain in your joints and gout. The risks involved include vomiting, nausea, paralysis, weakness, pulmonary and heart problems.

2. Caffeine powder, also known as 1,3,7-trimethylxantine. It increases focus, improves physical performance and aids in fat loss. Risks include seizures, cardiac arrests, heart arrhythmia. It’s been shown to be especially harmful when mixed with other stimulants.

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