Use This Total Body Barbell Workout To Get in Top Shape


Everybody wants to be in top shape as fast as possible, using as little equipment as possible. Could You agree with me?

In this workout plan, we are going to be giving you step by step instructions for exercises and a programme that will benefit you.

These are easy to perform, even in the comfort of your home. Follow the instructions closely, and you will start benefiting in a short period of time.

The programme is a perfect tool as it fits the ability to perform at any time of the day and does away with the “busy schedule” excuse as well.

The Programme:

Reps & Sets

Rest time between sets and exercises must be 30-90 seconds depending on your conditioning level.

If you are a beginner, how can you progress to a more advanced level? You need to increase the intensity of training by doing one of the following:

  • Increase the number of repetitions.
  • Add sets.
  • Increase or extensively decrease the speed of the movement.
  • Decrease time of rest between sets and exercises.
  • Add weights to the barbell.
  • Use advanced training techniques such as:

Drop Sets: place many plates on each side of the barbell (as much as you can lift for 6-10 repetitions). Perform repetitions till concentric failure then immediately remove one plate from each side and without rest continue the exercise to failure and again remove one more plate from each side.

  • Continue this procedure until you’re out of plates.
  • Exhaustion-Set System: perform as many repetitions as possible with good technique until concentric failure occurs.

Burn System: perform a set till concentric failure, then proceed with half or partial repetitions.

Pyramids: Start with a set of 10-to-12 repetitions with a light resistance, which is increased over several sets so fewer and fewer repetitions can be performed, until reaching 1 repetition maximum. Then repeat the same sets and resistances in reverse order, with the last set consisting of 10-to-12 repetitions.

Super Slow System: perform very slow repetitions ranging from 20-to-60 seconds per repetition.

Super Setting Systems: In the first type, you use several sets of two exercises for the agonist and antagonist muscles of the body part. In the second type use one set of several exercises in rapid succession for the same muscle group or body part.

Training programme:

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