Here Are The Best Arms Pump Workouts


Enter the most effective high-rep training program that will train your arms in a unique way for the best gains possible. This workout revolves around performing 30 repetitions in all of your sets, which might sound easy at first, but it will actually work your arms to exhaustion and stimulate massive growth. In fact, you’ll be very much surprised by the amazing pump and vascularity such a simple workout can bring.

One of the most common training problems is hitting a plateau and the sooner you break out of it, the more progress you’ll have in the long run, so don’t waste any more time. This method will stress your arm muscles in a way that will create maximum growth stimulus by increasing the blood flow and boosting the production muscle-building hormones. So don’t get put off by the short duration of the workout – give it a decent chance and you’ll find out that it’s actually quite challenging and even more rewarding!

The 30 reps workout

When choosing weight, you’d be best off taking 40% of your 1RM. So if you can lift 80 kg for one rep for the biceps, take a 30 kg barbell for this routine.
The workout consists of 3 biceps and 3 triceps exercises which you’ll perform by alternating them in this way: perform 3 sets of one biceps exercise followed by 3 sets of one triceps exercise, then perform 3 sets of the second biceps exercise followed by 3 sets of the second triceps exercise and finish with 3 sets of the third biceps exercise, followed by 3 sets of the third triceps exercise. Your aim should be to perform 30 reps for each set, while allowing yourself a 45-second rest in between sets. If this proves to be too easy, feel free to increase the weight.

It’s important to mention that this workout won’t bring you great results if you’re on a very low carb diet or an extreme cutting protocol and it’s highly advisable to consume plenty of fast digesting carbs before, during and after the training in order to keep the glycogen coming and enhance recovery.
Here we have three highly effective sample workouts that will give you a clue how the method works and which can be easily tailored to your personal needs and goals.

Workout 1

3 sets of EZ bar bicep curls alternated with 3 sets of barbell skull crushers for triceps
3 sets of alternated bicep hammer curls alternated with 3 sets of triceps pushdowns
3 sets of preacher biceps curls alternated with 3 sets of bodyweight triceps dips

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