This Killer Biceps Workout Will Explode Your Arm Size In No Time


There is no other muscle on the male body, quite like the bicep. No matter where you are- the office, beach, gym, clubs- people always notice guys who have massive “guns”.

Having big biceps is an instant notification that you are in shape and that you take care of your body. Both guys and girls admire men with great arms.

The only problem is that most guys have tiny 12 inch arms, that doesn’t impress anyone.

If you want to get shirt bursting, pumped guns then this is definitely the workout for you.

The biceps are a relatively small muscle. When you compare it to the chest, back, legs etc. Because of this you want to make sure that you do enough sets to stimulate growth, but not too much to over train it.

Because a lot of exercises indirectly work them, it is only necessary to train them one a week for great gains.

Some people response better to heavy weight and low reps whilst others prefer lower weight but for more reps. Below I am going to provide 2 examples of my favourite bicep exercises.

The first workout is superseted with triceps exercise to combine for a killer workout.

Workout 1:
Barbell Curl superseted with triceps pushdown. 2 x 6-8

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