LOOSE EXTRA Belly Fat In Just 3 Days – Start NOW!


5. Sleep At Least 7 Hours Per Night

Sleep is key to stimulating fat burning. In addition, if you do not rest enough, you’ll be tempted to succumb to the tasty temptation and wasting what little time you have left to remove as much of the fat on the belly. Sleep at least 7 hours a night and make sure you get the restful sleep without falling asleep with the TV on or other background noises.

6. Do Some Fitness Moves 2 Times A Day

In addition to dietary restrictions, the overall consumption of water and restful sleep, exercise contributes most to belly fat loss. Abs can burn belly fat and replace it with muscles, but have no visible effect in just three days. Exercises that help you burn fat the fastest in the whole body are the cardio and strength. If you get to the gym and if you run at least 30 minutes each day, you have a chance to get rid of belly in three days, to be sexy in a swimsuit at the beach or pool.

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