This Is How Much Water You Should Drink If You Take Protein


Protein powders are the preferred choice of muscle-building supplements for most bodybuilders and those who want to put on mass through exercise. These powders are made from whey, casein or soy and are mixed with milk or water to create a shake.

You can use these protein powders to gain weight, as a food supplement and as a method to increase muscle mass, however, using them alone may cause some problems such as dehydration. It is therefore necessary to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy while you are building muscles and increasing mass.

Water is Essential

Everyone says this but no one actually credits water in nutrition for their muscle gains. Water is so important, that a dip in a single glass could cause your muscles to spiral down the long tunnel of catabolism. The reason why is because water is a huge part of your muscle, taking up nearly 70% of the composition.

To put it simply, you will not grow if you don’t drink enough of it throughout the day. The FDA approved amount of 7-8 glasses may suffice for most of the general public, but when it comes to resistance training and muscle-building, the amount could go up to 8-12 glasses depending on a variety of reasons.

The next reason why water is so essential is the fact that it helps the body to form the membrane of the cells, including muscle cells. Without a sufficient enough of water, the growth will either cease as the body recognizes that it is in need of water and stop producing new cells, or it could produce cells which are deficient in this aspect. Both of which could result in undesired waste of effort to the gym.

Listen Up All you Supplement Takers!

Water is also important to you even though you are drinking the supplements in liquid form. Water is needed by the liver and kidneys to detoxify the extra protein that you are putting in your body. Not only do you need to drink more water when you are taking protein shakes, but also when you are taking supplements like Nitric Oxide or Creatine.

These two supplements are a magnet for water and they will absorb water like a sponge in the body. Supplements are also usually high in sugar which also attached itself to water molecules like a leech.

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