9 Things To Help You Start Bodybuilding


9 Things To Help You Start BodybuildingBodybuilding, seems fairly simple, pick up some weights and you end up with the perfect body! This isn’t actually a true statement as it requires much more.

With this article I am going to break down 9 important key factors needed, to safely achieve and gain that ever wanted body.

1. Train In All Rep Ranges

Everyone develops a preference to train in a certain repetition range. Maybe you like the strength and density that comes with heavy, low-rep training? Or perhaps you prefer the pump and muscle fullness that higher-rep training brings? Either way, realise that each repetition range has benefits, especially in terms of muscle growth.

To get larger muscles, train holistically. A good rule is to spend about 1/3 of your training time in the 2-6 rep range, 1/3 in the 7-12 rep range and the other 1/3 with sets of 13 reps or more.

This will ensure that you’re growing in just about every way a muscle can grow, including myofibrillar hypertrophy, which comes from using heavy weight for low reps AND sarcoplasm hypertrophy, which comes from doing higher reps with a more moderate weight.

2. Don’t Train To Failure All Of The Time

Training to failure can certainly be beneficial, but it’s also very taxing to the body, especially the nervous system. More specifically, training to failure is beneficial in terms of muscular endurance and even size, but is less beneficial in regard to strength gains.

Therefore, when doing sets of 2-6, stop a rep or two short of failure. But on sets of 7 or more (where the goal is to metabolically tax the muscle), go to failure on the last set or two.

In short, training to failure is a concentrated stimulus that places a lot of stress on the body in a short period of time. It’s a beneficial, but unforgiving technique.

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