9 Things To Help You Start Bodybuilding


3. Squat In Your Training Routine

Even though you’re not a power-lifter, you should do squats. The benefits are just too numerous to do otherwise.

Squats have a very high level of strength transference. Generally, if you can squat a lot, you can leg press a lot, but just because you can leg press a lot doesn’t necessarily mean you can squat a lot.

Among other reasons, squats should be a part of your leg training on an ongoing basis because they work muscles that may not otherwise receive enough attention.

You’ve probably been told that, since squats are a compound movement, you should always do them first in your routine and with a heavy weight/low-rep scheme. While that’s certainly true if you’re a power-lifter, they don’t always need to be first or done heavy for bodybuilding purposes.

You can put squats last in your leg routine and use a lighter weight, yet still reap major benefits!

Whether they’re traditional back squats, front squats, or safety-bar squats, keep squats in your routine, you’ll benefit both cosmetically and functionally.

4. Keep Records

Over the course of your training career you’ll come across things that work very well for you and at some point, you’ll likely want to go back and try them again. But you can only do that if you know exactly what it was you did!

Keep track of each and every set and rep you do. It literally takes 3-5 seconds to jot it down after each set. your training log will prove to be worth it.

You should also make brief or detailed notes about other things, such as exercise variations or tweaks you like, injuries you have, or pains you’re feeling, etc.

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